Fabricade FAQ

What is Bit Bash Presents: Fabricade?
It is an interactive arts festival where you can play games from around the world, many of which you can only get your hands on at a Bit Bash event. Rooted in tinkering, toying, building, and experimentation, games featured at Fabricade will cover novel game experiences from multiplayer, to physical games and more. You’ll also be able to indulge in delicious libations and hang out with folks who are interested in video games and interactive art from Chicago and around the globe.

What is the Bit Bash Presents series?
This is a title that we use to denote our smaller festivals and events such as Bit Bash Presents: Cool Jazz or Initiation.

Is this the big summer festival this year?
We’re not doing our typical big festival this year. We’re chilling out for a bit to reimagine how to make Bit Bash events more kickass in the years to come, but we love all of you so much we couldn’t stop ourselves from doing something, even if it’s smaller than usual.

What can I expect if I attend?
8-10 diverse games (some with super cool hardware, and many that you can only experience at a Bit Bash event), lots of cool people, and a fun time.

What makes this event different than past events?
We curate a specialized list of games for each event we do and space we exhibit in. Each of our events has a unique vibe designed to fit the theme, and games specially chosen to provide attendees with novel and engaging interactive experiences.

How do I reach someone at Bit Bash?
Shoot us an email at info@bitbashchicago.com and we’ll be in touch!