Chicago’s Alternative Games Festival

We showcase an international collection of lesser known but culturally significant video games.

Organizing Committee

Bit Bash was founded April 13, 2014. We’re based in Chicago, Illinois. Many of our volunteers met via Indie City Games. Bit Bash was established to further the culture of independent game development in Chicago by hosting larger, public-facing events. Our goal is to promote games that either can’t be played at home, have unique controllers or experiences, or promote community or an artistic statement. Proceeds go to our fiscal sponsor Chicago Foundation for the Interactive Arts so we can host more rad events, and help us cover entry for kids under 13 and at-risk youth.

Indie City Communities

The founding entity behind Bit Bash is Indie City Collective, co-working space in Chicago creating a physical space to make and develop games.

Our first venture was establishing the Indie City Co-op in 2013; a co-working space which provides low-cost office space for independent developers giving them the freedom to work outside of home and collaborate.

Indie City is the umbrella for a number of Chicago-based interactive programmers primarily focusing on educating and promoting independent game development in the Chicagoland area.

Indie City Games organizes monthly meetings which feature educational and cultural talks as well as provide a venue for local developers to showcase their work. Indie City Games also hosts game jams and projects such as the Indie City Arcade, a public free to play arcade machine providing a unique way for developers to expose their games.