Bit Bash at MSI

Thanks for an unforgettable weekend! Stay tuned for more!

Saturday, August 17 – Sunday, August 18
Museum of Science and Industry

5700 S Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

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We showcased a selection of 80+ handpicked games from around the globe

Many of these works push the boundaries of the interactive medium. Some are not commercially available, or were designed specifically for our event. We hope you can experience them here for yourself someday.

“Bit Bash at MSI” lineup of Interactive experiences:

A Game of Foams Preview

Gigantic Mechanic

Three teams square off with each other in this turn-based game of foam-sword fighting.

Anyball Preview

Team Anyball

Asta Grande Preview

Pietro Righi Riva

Asta Grande is a drop-in, drop-out crowd game for 30 people where you experience a pretend auction of legendary items.

Baba is You Preview


becalm Preview


Bomb Dolls Preview

Girl Software

Borb the Birb Preview


Bury me, my Love Preview

The Pixel Hunt, Figs, Arte

Cache Cache Preview

Cache-Cache Team at CNAM-ENJMIN

Capy Hoky Preview

Sokpop Collective

Compass Preview

Aaron Goodwine

Consume Me Preview

Jenny Jiao Hsia, AP Thomson

Daily Ritual Preview


Dino Walk Simulator Preview

Alpaca Space Lab

Don’t Touch My Stuff! Preview

Jonathan Scott

Dream Hard Preview

Robert Yang

Earworm Preview


eCheese Zone Preview

Seemingly Pointless


Nicole He

Even In Arcadia Preview

Phoebe Shalloway / Girl Debord Games

Fight Lights Preview

Phil Dougherty

Fugl Preview

Johan Gjestland, Gorm Lai, Marco Peschiera, Martin Kvale

GAZE Preview

Bof Guys

Genesis Noir Preview

Feral Cat Den

Hedge Lord Preview

Timbrook Toys


Carol Mertz, Francesca Carletto-Leon

Hermitug Preview

Seemingly Pointless

Run around wearing basket shells and fight over a heavy sack.

HyperDot Preview

Charles McGregor

HypnoSpace Outlaw Preview

Jay Tholen

Johann Sebastian Joust Preview

Die Gute Fabrik

A no-graphics, digitally-enabled playground game designed for motion controllers dictated by the pace of the music.

Kick Bot Preview

Two Scoop Games

KIDS Preview

Mario von Rickenbach & Michael Frei, Playables

Lanternkeepers Preview

Billy Eline and Jacob Mooney

Line Wobbler Preview

Robin Baumgarten

A one-dimensional dungeon crawler played on a strip of LED lights.

Live Action Pocket Monster Snap Preview

The Completely Surrounded, The Adventure Society, & Mason Gross School of the Arts

A quest to snap pictures of pocket monsters.

Lost Wage Rampage Preview

Jane Friedhoff, Marlowe Dobbe, Andy Wallace

Machinima Report Preview

VGA Gallery

A screening of series of machinima shorts that report on the current state of Machinima and to illustrate what the medium can report on in the world and culture at large.

Maze Structure Preview

Daniel Fabe Schmidt

Midnight Ultra Preview

Forward Instinct

mimics Preview


monad Preview

Glenn Essex

An audio-visual meditation, meant to be experienced in a dark, quiet room, on a large screen featuring a multi-touch panel for input.

Nature Machn Preview

Jerry Belich, Victor Thompson

NOUR Preview

Terrifying Jellyfish

OctoPad Preview

Patrick Lemieux

One Night Only Preview

Amanda Hudgins, Matt Hudgins

Embody the punk attitiude with a new game from Amanda Hudgins that features actual guitars as controllers you smash.


J. Delson, D. Herweg, D. Song, S. Zapiain, E. Moen, T. Newsome, G. Ducker

OX OX OH Preview

Margaret Dax


Luke Pacholski and Bobby Richter

Project Beckon Preview

Lee Hammound

Quantum Garden Preview

Robin Baumgarten

Queering Spacetime Preview

Joyce Lin

Reject Squad Preview

Billy Eline and Jacob Mooney

Roger Meatball Preview

Jon Coughlin

RotoRing Preview

Gregory Kogos

Sashimi Slammers Preview

Furious Fish Friends

Scattershot Preview

Gigantic Mechanic

Grab your smart phone and jump into the biggest arena shooter ever. Pilot a space ship that can only move by firing its guns. For 2 - 100 players.

Sewer Rave Preview

Autumn Raines

SkateBIRD Preview

Glass Bottom Games


Aidan Walsh

Small Talk Preview

Pale Room (Gabrielle Genevieve, Chris Chappelear, Emily Meo)

SoundSelf Preview

Robin Arnot

You use your voice to explore a hypnotic world of sounds and visuals that feel like they are emerging directly from your body.

Surf Shogun Preview


The Book Ritual Preview

Alistair Aitcheson

The Floor is Dodgeball Preview

Pete Vigeant & The Completely Surrounded

Dodgeball where you need to watch your step.

The Indie Game Legend 3D Preview

phubans & progrium

Trap Adventure 2 Preview


Unrailed! Preview

Indoor Astronaut

Vectronom Preview


Wandersong Preview

Greg Lobanov, A Shell in the Pit

We Should Talk Preview

Jordan Jones-Brewster, Nobonita Bhowmik, Carol Mertz, Francesca Carletto-Leon

What The Golf? Preview


Word After Word Preview

Jonah Warren

Zodiac Mall Ball Preview

Teddy Dief, Ethan Redd, Jenny Jiao Hsia, Akash Thakka

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