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We might have gone a little overboard

Omnibus is in a half pipe. We built a custom controller for Downwell. Intense rhythm game Thumper will be in our sensory deprivation Airstream, for some reason. Not to mention our super special 18+ area, because who doesn’t like laughing at naughty bits? Your friends will be so sad if they’re not already going.

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2015 Art Bash Poster Showcase Selections

Bit Bash and VGA Gallery are extremely thankful to all who submitted their artwork to this showcase – you’re a supremely talented bunch! Here are our five selections; limited edition prints will be available for purchase at Bit Bash. View Selections »

VGA Gallery is curating Art Bash 2015!

Our friends, Chicago-based non-profit Video Game Art Gallery, promote the exhibition, sale, and education of video game art. Get ready: they’re bringing prints from their collection for purchase at Bit Bash.

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