Bit Bash 2016

Saturday, August 13 // Revel Fulton Market

Feast Your Ears

DJs start at 6pm and the jams don’t stop until 11pm

Mogi Grumbles

The composer for Fract OSC returns to once again overload your mind with a clusterfuck of synth wave.

Joel Corelitz

Joel is performing a synth–heavy, retro–inspired set of original music featuring Shortwave, which allows the audience to play along with him.

Samantha Kalman

Samantha shapes synthesized soundwaves and spins sweet beats with Sentris. Bit Bash will be her DJ debut!

Pizza Pals

Heard a rumor that the Pizza Pals are banned from Bit Bash, and folks, news doesn’t get much better than that.Dave Lang
He was wrong


Punkbot (a.k.a. Mike Laurence) makes games like Deepworld and beats like whaaat. His debut EPs are arriving on Limewire soon-ish.